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Why should you care about your website

Within the many products and services offered by omniPro Web Solutions, one of the most important to begin with is Web Design. Starting with an amazing website will get your business to thrive through Internet Marketing in no time.

Unprofessional and outdated websites alienates the potential new clients and leads to the loss of the existing clients. Similarly, unstable URLs as well as difficulty in navigating through the website has a negative effect on the reputation of the company and does not lead to effective conversion.

As obvious as it may sound, it is through your website that your customers have the first impression and the basic information about your company. Similarly, a well managed website can provide comprehensive information concerning the products and services provided by your company, as well as information on potential issues with products and services, thus reducing the need to contact the support centre.

DIY Websites are Great, right?

The benefits of the Do-it-Yourself (DIY) website design platforms have been expounded over and over again by those same operators. Of course they are cheap; there is a reason for that, which will be explained below. However when you realize that the cheap option has abandoned your website in a no-Google-search-result abyss, it may be time you to reconsider your options and hire a professional.

The Bespoke Difference

Bespoke is a fancy word for custom designed and built. When you think about buying a car or house, do you ever think of building them yourself? Almost never is the answer. The simple reason is, because like these items, websites are complex marketing tools that need to be designed for your exact use, not a standard use that your company may not ascribe to.

The Design Difference

First there is the simple issue of having a design that does not look like every other company in your vertical. Yes there may be a few dozen styles to choose from, but the image you are projecting to the world should be one of quality and uniqueness, not "off the rack" similarity in your business. By providing quality layout, pictures and custom design differences your website can standout and not blend in. As over 50% of the Internet is consumed on a mobile device your site needs a mobile site to mirror your official site and it needs to be viewable across hundreds of different devices.

The Bespoke Difference

The Do-It-Yourself Website Racket

The do-it-yourself website platforms like Wix, GoDaddy, and Weebly offer some very amazing and powerful website design tools. This of course is not really in doubt. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits all simply is detrimental to your website, company's future revenues and most importantly your potential web traffic results.

The offerings from these companies seem to true to pass up, from free website hosting to very low fees and drag and drop website design that anyone can use. Yet websites are the way the world will see your company. All the gadgets and tools in the world will not matter if no one visits your website because it is a cookie cutter site that does not include the key building blocks required by major search indexers like Google, or by consumers that require a specific experience to enjoy staying at your website.

Is DIY the answer?

The omniPro Web Design Approach

When you DIY or use an Automated tool, a website often does not have the same thought process involved about placement of items, the color scheme and other aspects such as placements of social media links, videos or even picture sliders. With a bespoke design, you are consulted and provided expert advice on what will truly make a difference, not only in the look and feel of the website but in the performance as well. This is where the professional difference is truly felt.

Professional Designers

There are also backend differences when your website is designed and made by a team of experts. These design differences is what truly makes your website a standout. Not because it looks amazing, which it will, but because it is properly designed with the search engines in mind.

OmniPro Web Solutions Image

Search Engine Optimization really matters.

A standard approach to SEO is possibly the worst idea ever put forth on the internet. All search engines are looking for quality, different and authoritative sources of content. If your website is not search engine optimized to your business category, your location and your specific company differences you are losing traffic to other websites.

Content Remains King

A classic SEO saying "Content is King" is more relevant and important to the design of your website today, than it ever was. If your content is lackluster so will your traffic results be. If you are not a professional sales copy, content writer or web copy expert, you may be missing out on search results, customer satisfaction and sales conversions.

SEO Matters
Responsive Deisgn

Website Responsiveness

With the increasing use of smart phones, the use of desktop computers is gradually fading. Nowadays, over 50% of websites traffic comes from a mobile device. Entrepreneurs must adapt to the ever evolving technology or risk becoming irrelevant in today's highly competitive market. The use of a responsive web design model, ensures that online visitors see your content layout according to the size of the device in use. The elements on the webpage must respond to the device screen's size. This concept also prevents the online visitor to scroll through a lot of information prior to getting to the intended one.

Web analysts have pointed out that the future of web design will be based on its responsiveness. Our design specialists will take you through the introduction to responsive web design and how to utilize it for your marketing strategy.

Pricing Information

The Most Popular Basic Hosting Package

  • Up to 5 Web Pages setup & Deployment
  • Website Optimized for Mobile Devices
  • Online Contact, Quote and Order Request Tool
  • Basic Search Engine Optimization
  • Link to Social Media Profiles
  • Google Analytics setup included
  • 2 Hours of Technical Support per Month
  • $29.95 Monthly Hosting Fee (Not Included)
One-time Fee
$599.95plus $29.95 / Monthly
Hosting Fee

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